At last… after going back and forth for a few weeks about starting a blog, and after much trial and error coming up with a good title in the past 2 days, I am blogging at last! I am a blogger! So… empty space just waiting for me to fill it up with thoughts! Hmm as to my purpose . . . 

I chose the title Back to the Best because I want this blog to be a collection of thoughts, ideas, excerpts, etc that reflect just that. Going back to the best of things- to the root of things- to purpose. If you stop and think about it, so many “little things” that make up our relationships, our work, our homes, our lives have so much meaning behind them, whether we realize it our not. There is so much joy in the little things. And it’s these little things, when looking at them with perspective, that really reflect a much larger scheme. For example, take a house and a home:

A wife makes a home out of a house  for her family 

in the way she cares and keeps for it and for her family’s needs, the way she decorates it to make it bright and cheerful within reasonable means, taking care that the things of the house serve, rather than  distract her or get in the way of the life in the home. (This point, I feel can at times be very hard to balance- I know it’s something I myself have to keep in check being a new bride and excited about my first home! But more about this another time..)

So really, my theme is two-fold–little things and getting back to the best of things— but I think they go together. 

In my own personal effort to get back to the best, I want to use this blog to compile food for thought on topics such as:
home: caring & keeping, projects, good finds (garage sales!!),  & reflections on.
-health: since thanks to my husband and his family, I am being so enlightened as to how to truly get back to the best – how it was meant to be.
faith: that is, of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church and tradition – & of course on lots of
reading: education never ends- it’s such an essential part of our formation as a person. I love to read and want to share some of the good things I come across.
little things / miscellaneous – since of course, those who know me know I don’t always keep to topic and will naturally find random things to talk about. . . that somehow tie in. . . hopefully 😉