A month until our wedding and still we had no place to live! There we were- my husband-to-be and I, each on a laptop trying to efficiently search, while my mother-in-law on the other couch calmly opened up the Advertiser (who would have thought?) and after glancing around for a few minutes, picked up the phone and made an appointment for a half hour later. What?!

 So up the side stairs we went! Turns out it was an old home converted into businesses on the bottom floor, and a private apartment on top! We would have total privacy after 5 p.m. on weekdays and on every weekend, plus our own area for parking aside from the “backyard” converted into a business parking lot! (Parties, anyone?).It even had a walk-up deck/ front door area. and a bit of a garden on the side of the house.

First Impressions

Mine & my fiancee’s: Eewww! Old, kinda smelly and ugly, dark colors!

My creative mother-in-law’s: Ooo! Character! Look at those awesome, large, double-pane windows!

Needless to say after we spent some stressful two weeks last-minute looking at smaller, more crowded, expensive, not-so-great options, the first one certainly looked promising!

With lots of help from my family-to-be, and lots of paint, the place was totally transformed in just three days! It was such an eye-opener for me! I’d never known how easy manageable DIY home projects can be. Sure it was time consuming, but it is very rewarding because it all adds to the character of our home which we love! It’s small, but cozy! We have great landlords who gave us all new appliances and a month-to-month rent! Unheard of!! Needless to say we are very satisfied happy!

. . .

A look back at the beginning of our first home project!