Has anyone seen the new BBC mini-series rendition of Jane Austen’s novel Emma? I think it was done so well! The actors did such a great job portraying their characters- and it is so refreshing to see- especially since it’s been a while since there’s been a new rendition of an Austen film (in my opinion) since Focus Film’s Pride & Prejudice in 2005. I am so surprised at the energy in this BBC film, especially compared to their traditionally long, blue-tinted movies with hardly believable energy/ emotion from some of the actors that really took away so much from the genius of Austen’s realistic characters! I’m excited to see what they will do next! Hopefully more like this: bright, colorful, and lively!

Jane Austen was just so perceptive about people and their characters, and it’s the reason why her stories are so universally understood and so easy to relate to in some way or another. It really is refreshing to finally sit down and really be able to enjoy a good movie thoroughly not just while watching it, but in looking back and having a lot to think and re-think and better understand more about the characters and their situations. You can actually walk out with so much to talk about. This is a movie worth having an opinion on because it’s not just another “feel good” or just “funny” movie that once it’s over, that’s the extent of the “entertainment,” like so many of the latest movies that have come out. It seems like the quality is deteriorating more and more in the entertainment industry.

Emma is so well played by Ramola Garai! And the “insufferable” Miss Bates…! I’m in the middle of watching it now along with my husband comparing it to the book, which we both recently read (thanks to my being bed-ridden a few weeks ago, and his long work commutes). Honestly- I had tried three different times to read the book, and always got so fed up with Emma’s arrogance.

I just couldn’t finish it

but I forced myself and it was so worth it- especially if you’re up for some good laughs!

I will say- a complaint with this new version is that the ending is wrapped up way too fast. . . but overall I do recommend it if you, like me, have been hoping for another good, longer film (it’s about 4 hours) to watch and actually enjoy. . . maybe on a Sunday afternoon?

. . . Badly done, Emma!

Gotta love that Mr. Knightly- he’s really letting her have it now…!