Spring is here at last! it looks like we’re cleared from snow for the rest of the season!

My husband and I love to cook with everything as fresh as possible, and you know what this means. . . many, many trips to our local produce market for last minute things, especially herbs!

After visiting his grandparents a few weeks ago, who served us a wonderful salad with their garden’s vegetables and told us how easy it is to grow things like peppers, we were hooked on the idea! Here is the start of our gardening endeavor! We’re crossing our fingers that most of the seeds sprout!

Since it’s not uncommon for the temperature to still drop in the 30s this time of year, we decided to start our little garden indoors! We also live in an apartment, and though we are allowed to plant, who knows how long we’ll stay, so we are also considering having a potted garden like the one Martha Stewart made.

We’re very excited because this will be a not only fun project, but one that will save us money! Seeds are so cheap and the supplies really don’t cost much!

Project  Breakdown:

Seeds: Parsley, cilantro, habanero peppers, red peppers and green pepper seeds.
Miracle Grow Seeds Starting Mix
Decomposing, organic planters  – These are great because they retain moisture/ you can tell when you need to re-moisten. Additionally, you can transplant these containers directly to the new dirt and they will decompose and serve as fertilizer! Awesome!

We have it in our study for now on a little table, since it’s the room with the most light!

I will have to re-post in a few weeks with updates!

Grow little garden, grow!

Post Script. Turns out this is the thing to do in the North! I’m linking to Ann Marie from White House Black Shutters who also had a fun take on windowsill herb gardens.