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Remember my post about the girls’ club that a couple of moms and I started here? Well, like I mentioned for May, we were going to do a mother-daughter tea as the last event before the break for summer. It turns out that my little sister also has been going to a similar type of club also started by some moms! I’m visiting my family in California and had the opportunity to attend the tea party yesterday with her and it was so much fun! Honestly, I think it would be a lovely thing to do even if you aren’t involved in a club, especially for the month of May when we celebrate Mother’s Day and honor Our Mother, Mary. You could try it with friends and their daughters, mothers, and grandmothers,!

The set-up was very cute and simple (the best kind!) and I’m sorry I didn’t take pictures! Tables were covered in pretty toile tablecloths, and different china teacups and saucers set up. Tea bags or caddieswere already set up in the tables along with the hot water and coffee. There was also a  bowl with little sugar cubes, silverware wrapped in a napkin with a ribbon tied around it, and of course, fresh flowers. The desserts included mini cucumber sandwiches, cookies, lemon bars, (you could also make petit fours!), muffins, etc! They were arranged in the kitchen, and the nicest part was that the girls would serve the mothers the tea and bring them a little plate with food!

One of my favorite things which I am definitely going to copy was using a teapot as a flower vase on one of the tables! I think tea pots are so cute and I always see all kinds at garage sales. It works well because of the theme, and the fact that the hot water would last longer if it’s actually in a canter instead of a ceramic tea pot. The hostess had the white tea pot full of small roses sitting on top of a smaller white cake stand!   So cute!

The girls received a virtue talk given by the counselors (who were all high school girls), while the moms received a separate virtue talk about cardinal virtues and applying them in raising one’s children and in the home life. After that the tea party began and time to enjoy all the goodies and good conversation! It was such an enjoyable afternoon!