I just finished Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey!

What a quick read- I did it all in just a few train rides and lunch breaks, and honestly it is the most puzzling thing to me! It really seemed so unlike a Jane Austen novel. Am I the only one who thinks so? I enjoyed it, but I felt it moved way too slowly at first, then much to fast by the end, and I’m mostly sorry that the characters were not more memorable. Having spent a week with it, I wouldn’t be able to describe any of these characters in any way to make them sound interesting, or be able to look back at any scenes to re-enjoy them.
Really, the “heroine,” as Austen refers to her throughout the book speaking in first person, is just silly and it seemed that there was a prevailing attempt to merge her story to that of the plot of Udolpho which I haven’t read, but was constantly referred or alluded to in many scenes. Maybe if I read it I might find more humor in the events, but it really just all seemed out of place! *SPOILER* Especially since it had nothing to do with the climax, which was made clear as the events unfolded. I think Austen’s continuous commentary on her “heroine” threw me off from the story. . .  Maybe Mansfield Park will be more enjoyable. . .
though I am excited to watch a film rendition!