So it’s been over 8 weeks now since we first planted our seedlings and Mother Nature has been kind!

Within the first week or two we already had some sprouts! The first to appear were the herbs (Cilantro, Parsley, and Basil). By week 3 or 4 the rest of our jalapeño, habañero and bell pepper plants began to sprout.

Only one row didn’t have any results and we’re not sure why. . . maybe we forgot to put seeds? But everything was looking very promising!

We let them grow, and in the 5th week we started moving the tray with all the plants outside for a few hours to take advantage of the sunshine and outside weather conditions.

Very important : we kept rewatering them often (the plans would start to droop fast when the sun shined directly on them and the soil dried up. We decided that for next time we’d use bigger containers because these little biodegradable ones really do not hold much water.

By week 6 or 7 we transplanted our little plants into terracota pots and into a hanging planter on our porch. We lost a few plants due to heavy wind and rain and my accidentally stabbing a jalapeño plant! Oops! So then my husband went ahead and began round 2 of seedlings in the leftover planters (and the newly empty planters due to my “slaughter,” as he calls it).

We noticed there was a stunted growth for a week or so once we transplanted, but soon enough they started shooting up!

We’re at week 9 now, and look at them grow! We can’t wait to make our own bruchetta with our fresh herbs very soon! The basil in particular has sprouted and grown like a weed. The jalepeños have been the second best success after transplanting them into larger containers. While they have not produced any signs of forthcoming vegetables yet, they have a very strong and sturdy main stalk!