I had the most fabuous weekend seeing old friends again! We drove down to Indiana on Friday to witness our friends Claire & Steve get married (beautiful wedding!), drove back Saturday morning and met up with Ashley who visited us for the weekend, hosted a fun summer cookout party for all our friends in town at our place Saturday night (post to follow!), spent the day in the city on Sunday with friends, and wrapped up the weekend with another more low-key outside dinner party for 3 and a chick flick, Leap Year!

Pheeeew! I’m exhausted from all the fun!

Anywho, so Ashley loved out baby potted garden, and shared all about her own back in Jersey! I think it’s so much fun to share the creativity and so I am featuring her story to share with you!

Presenting: Ashley’s bushel basket garden story!

I have always liked the idea of a garden, but a garden that requires minimal effort and maximum results! So, it seemed to me that the ideal garden would be one that didn’t involve a lot of digging or getting your hands dirty — a “glamorous” garden. I’m also a fan of using what is already available around the house in creative ways, thereby saving a lot of money and giving your garden a personal touch. These things all came together nicely one day when I noticed my neighbors were throwing away 20 bushel baskets! There it was. My garden. I could see it now… those bushel baskets were easier than raised beds, and ready for use! I walked away with 6 bushel baskets = free. They were still sturdy, and the cracks in the sides provide excellent drainage. I layered about 1 – 2 inches of rocks in the bottom from our gravel driveway = free, and bought 2 bags of potting soil from Home Depot = $4, each. I purchased a tomato plant = $5 max, and for my potatoes? I had a bag of new red potatoes in the pantry that I hadn’t cooked. Those little veggies had “gone to seed” and there were 2 inch sprouts on them, ready for planting!

So there you have it, 4 weeks later, my potato plants are 2 feet tall, blooming, and almost ready for harvesting, and the tomatoes are the size of a ping pong ball. Zero digging was required, meaning zero dirty hands, and all of this for only $12! The best part of it is, we’re moving next week and my bushel basket garden is coming with me!

PS. The added benefit to the bushel baskets is that our local gopher has not burrowed into them, nor eaten any of the plants, and they take up such a small amount of space, AND can be moved at will to the sunniest spot for optimal growth!

Do you have a garden? We would love to see it! Comment or email me!