Finally! A three-day break from work is affording me a little time to get back to this little blog of mine!

I have so many posts pending, but since it is the Fourth of July, and it’s season of summer parties, I’d like to share some party ideas!

A few weeks ago, like I mentioned in an earlier post, we were able to entertain for the first time a large group of our college friends who were all in town! It was such a nice time, and we had a perfect evening for it!

There was a nice, cool, breeze and we were able to enjoy our deck and the fresh, summer air!

We grilled the hamburgers I made (mom’s amazing recipe!) and yummy Boar’s Head 100% beef hotdogs! Delicious! We complimented it with baked beans, grilled corn, salad, veggies, fruits, a cream cheese pound cake I made, and chips. We topped off the hamburgers with feta cheese, tomatoes, and arugula, and had the hotdogs Chicago-style, of course! (chopped onions, tomatoes, cucumber, pickle, mustard and celery salt).

the spread




It was fun decorating with lanterns and burning candles, white lights around the umbrella, food arrangements, flowers fresh from the garden, and also the wedding bouquets the girls donated from the wedding from the night before!

 See? It’s all so easy- stuff from the house, and it adds such nice ambiance and a relaxing mood 🙂

The next night, since we were still in the mood for grilling, so we tried thick Argentina-style ribeye steaks cooked to juicy, tender perfection over a charcoal-wood grill and complimented it with Argentinian chimichurri I made, a shiraz and leftover salad and fruits!

Oh how I looooove summer!