So I got this cute red chair at a garage sale for just 25 cents! Seriously- I just couldn’t pass it up- Who doesn’t ever need extra chairs when you have people over, etc? Plus it was so cute! I could just see it painted white! I loooove white painted furniture (as you could probably decipher from all the furniture I’ve painted white already: hutch, night-side table, dresser and coming soon a bookshelf!)

So here is my simple little morning project from the weekend:

I first disassembled the chair, then wiped it clean. Next I primed it (one coat is all you need!). Then I gave it two coats of white paint (it was a gooey old paint I found left behind in my appartment- kinda messy to work with, but you can’t beat free!) I still need to sand it down then wipe it clean again to prep it for the last step: polyurethane-coat the chair so it will be shiny and have that nice, sleek feel!

Ta-da! A 25 cent project (if you have the materials lying around and have a good eye for bargains!)

One old man’s garage junk is another young lady’s home  treasure!