Our little garden plants yielded fruit. . . well, at least our jalapeño plants did so far after 15 weeks! It was so much fun watching them grow, flower, and turn into fruits, but even more fun picking the jalapenos and using it in our flank-steak tacos! Actually, my husband enjoyed them- I couldn’t handle the spicy-ness (still working on it!) and he said they were delicious!

The most exciting part is that already there are more flowers growing and more  little baby jalapenos on the way! I think in 2 weeks we’ll be ready for round 2!

Check it out!

This is what the plants looked like a few weeks ago!
sum10 011

sum10 086
Week 13. . . almost ready!
sum10 084
Ready for the picking! (Notice all the flowers still left!)

sum10 335

sum10 329
Tommy is so excited about the results from “the sweat of his brow!”

sum10 342

Aren’t they lovely?!