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In our two bedroom apartment we have one of the rooms that we use as our guestroom/study room. It’s gone through many transformations since we’ve moved in . .

And. . . at last I feel excited about it- it’s a room we can actually really use now, rather than be a dumping ground for miscellaneous stuff!

It’s all because at last- after a year of hard-core looking , we found a beautiful, comfortable down-feather loveseat to put in there!  Now that room really beckons us to come in, enjoy a cup of coffee or tea and read in there. . . or simply take a nap! It’s the room with the most light all day long, and now I really just loooove it!

This is our awesome new Sherrill couch (still currently being sold starting at a SHOCKING $3,350!!). My price? $165 (talked down from $200)!

sum10 368

It’s true color is something like a deep raspberry color- looks light pink here..

sum10 367

I was so excited it had the 2 pillows! I also got that cute little table from a garage sale for $10!

Here’s some before shots- like I said, this room has been evolving a lot since we moved in.

sum09_ 569

Pre-paint job.

apt 181

Our attempt to “make” bookshelves with stuff from my in-law’s basement.

sum09 558



Hooray Bookcases!

Attempting to control clutter & pre-simplifying








   IMG_0488  Transforming it into a guest room for our visitors (could that bed be wedged any tighter?)


I have to say- I really don’t like this neon-green chair my husband just can’t part with. I guess for now we’ll have a watermelon color scheme going *sigh.

sum10 359

And now for some AFTER pictures!

Ahhh. . . I could take a nap with the breeze coming through the open window . . .

sum10 362

and the warm afternoon light streaming  in . . .

sum10 364 sum10 356 

Our organizing tools:

  • Lots of baskets! (we have some of them out of sight, others as decorative pieces (bonus-lots of hidden storage), & keep pretty Martha magazines in them, blankets, papers, and lots of miscellaneous stuff. We also use baskets in our shelving unit containing photo albums, cameras and camera cords & batteries, one with all my wedding cards and mementos, and craft items in the other.
  • Bookcases! We finally got 2 matching tall bookcases to replace all the other “wannabe” ones we had. They’re honey-wood colored, so it matches some of the other furniture in there.
  • Desk-That tall bottom desk drawer is a file drawer! So we organize our bills and important papers in there.
  • On the side of the desk by the wall is a laundry hamper basket full of more miscellaneous stuff including my jewelry-making stuff.
  • Ugly green chair- My husband’s from adolescence. . . maybe I can reupholster it. . .
  • Twin bed mattress & springboard & bedding: Husband’s/ in-law’s house.

Our “Transformation” Breakdown:

  • Pottery Barn Desk: $10 @ a garage sale! (It has 2 ring stains on each side on top, so we cover it with some books, a lamp and a picture frame! Voila!
  • Rustic Old Chair: $1! @ garage sale.
  • Bookcases: $10 each @ garage sale.
  • Lamps: Desk lamp: $5 @ garage sale, floor lamp: $10 @ Goodwill, on coffee table: free from Grandma’s purging.
  • Baskets: multi-purpose picnic basket: $3 @ Goodwill, magazine basket on top of it:in-laws basement, hidden hamper: Target wedding registry, shelving unit baskets: garage sales & in-law’s basement
  • Honey-wood Shelving Unit: Aunt’s hand-me-down 🙂 We’re down to one now to save space.
  • Round white table: $10 @ garage sale.
  • White Curtains: 2 panel pack from Walmart, $12?
  • Curtain Rods: Target, $2?
  • Decorations: Wooden African Elephants: husband’s gift, Black & White Matted Frames, assorted sizes: garage sales! Flowers: fake: garage sales, real: in-law’s garden.

Total: $63 + couch for our study/ guest room!

It’s always a work in progress for us. We’re always changing things up, trying to make things flow/coordinate better. But at least for now, our main concern is usefulness! We’re more into making do with what we can, and little by little working out the aesthetics! But it goes to show- you can create a room with pennies!