D200-72In honor of the next few days leading up to my one year wedding anniversary (August 8th), I am going to do a few posts highlighting how my husband and I along with help from our wonderfully generous family and friends planned and executed our wedding ourselves!  Plus it’s a fun way to reminisce all that was happening a year ago!

Tommy proposed to me on August 18, 2008 pretty much in the middle of a tropical storm in West Palm Beach, Florida. Needless to say it was still a glorious day for us! And not long after that, all the crazy planning began!

Part I of the breakdown: rings, wedding dress, veil, shoes, & bridesmaids attire.

 The Ring:  Tommy picked it out. It was handcrafted by this cute, old Hungarian man. We had our wedding bands made by him as well!

 D700-162The Dress:  My family had just moved and things were hectic, but my mom and I stole away together one morning to look at wedding dresses together.  I knew that unfortunately since I was living in a different state we wouldn’t have many opportunities together to wedding plan, this outing was not to be missed! I wanted my mom with me when I picked out my wedding dress. Well, turns out that the first time was a charm! I fell in love with the first dress I tried on!

And I was happy to discover it wasn’t outrageously priced! Still, I never dreamt I’d be able to get it. . . I just hoped I’d find something of the same style (it was exactly what I had always had in mind- something elegant, simple, comfortable and modest). Much to my surprise, a month later, a good friend called and insisted on giving it to me as a gift. I will never forget her or her generosity! Within a few weeks of ordering it, it arrived! I had it in my closet for months and would joyfully glance at it, trying hard not to start daydreaming of my wedding day every time I peeked at it!

I especially loved the detailing in the corset on the back!

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The Veil:  My friend Stephanie let me borrow her beautiful veil for our wedding day (her anniversary!) The ribbon edge really played up all the elegant folds in my dress!

The Bustle: I went to Stephanie’s tailor, too, for the bustle. I wanted a French bustle to go with my dress so it would also play up all the draping across the front. I loved how she also left it a little longer on the back to conserve the train effect!
The Shoes: Nina Culver Satin White Pumps– I loved them! These were also a gift (can you believe friends’ generosity?) I wore them ALL night without a single blister! After the wedding I had them dyed black and have worn them countless times to other weddings and special events!
The Bridesmaid Dresses: Since all the girls were very different sizes and heights, I had them each pick a T-length style that complimented each best in the same color: spice.
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Extra material was ordered and the girls made straps and shawls for their dresses.

The  BM Shoes: Pretty gold to accent the beautiful spice color of the dresses for the bridesmaids!

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