And our wedding day finally arrived. . . !
As you’re reading this scheduled post I’m off honeymooning again for our one year anniversary! I LOVE being married!

The Stylists: My husband’s cousin, Molly did an amazing job on my hair! And My MOH, Lexie along with friend Rita did my makeup! Cousins and bridesmaids took turn doing each other’s hair, including my mom’s and little sister’s! Everyone looked stunning!

The Church:

St. Peter’s Catholic Church, my husband’s home parish. It is beautiful! The old pastor (Fr. Don, a close family friend who’s ministered many Sacraments in the family) and the current pastor Fr. Dennis (awesome homilies) concelebrated.

The Choir: We all had tears as the choir sung traditional hymns throughout the Mass. We had a an amazing soloist perform Schubert’s Ave Maria.

The Pictures: Like I mentioned in my Part II post– our photographers were amazing! I LOVED every picture!

The Reception
The Guest Book: My sister-in-law transformed a TjMax Journal into a beautiful, delicate book with some textured, golden/cream toned paper wrapped around the cover. I also used it to record all the gifts.

The Guest Lists/ Seating Charts: Aunt and cousins hand printed and decorated these with every guest’s name and table number!

The DJ:  Trevor, a good friend and professional DJ, offered his skills and equipment as his gift! We had a really nice mix of music including some Spanish songs! We also had a “do-not-play list.”

D700-852_2 The Personal Touches/ Decorations: Around the wedding cake we had framed pictures of our parents and grandparents who have been married all their lives as inspiration of the fidelity of the Sacrament. It was also a way for my grandparents in Argentina to “be” there. There were rose petals sprinkled around the table as well. We also used simple, free centerpieces- pretty day lilies (orange tones!) from the backyard!

The Flutes & Cake Knife: They belonged to my husband’s parents from their wedding day. The knife has the engravings of their names and wedding date.
The Traditions: old& new
D700-749_2 D700-988-2_2
D700-983_2  D700-842_2



Our father-daughter dance was Johann Strauss’s Tales of Vienna Wood. It’s an Argentinean tradition in which the bride also continues waltzing with all the male members of her family present (my brothers!) It was really nice! We also did an “anniversary dance” (Kenny Rogers’ Through the Years) where there’s a count up of the  number of years couples have been married- as couples are eliminated, the one left dancing is the couple who has been married the longest (Tommy’s grandparents!) to inspire the newlyweds.

The Getaway Car: We used my father-in-law’s new Lexus 🙂 after the ceremony, and our own hysterically decorated car (complete with balloons and diapers inside) to leave! We totally ran into the end of a parade event on the way. . . *insert lots of honks* haha!  . . . yep! That’s 14 babies drawn on there!

The Honeymoon Suite:  We spent our first night together as a married couple in our new home. We didn’t want to be anywhere else!

The Honeymoon: An amazing week in Playa del Carmen, Mexico at the Secrets Capri Resort & Spa! It was incredible! AND we got an unbelievable deal with direct flights and all-inclusive resort & spa because of low season and the over-hype about the swine flu! Ha! I recommend WITHOUT reservations this place!
honeymoon 059
honeymoon 385
honeymoon 133
honeymoon 090







I’m sure I’m forgetting more details, but I wanted to share that you can have a beautiful, memorable wedding day without spending much! Even though at time all the details can be overwhelming, it ends up being so much more memorable because of all the love put into all these details by family and friends resulting in so many personal touches to your wedding day.

I can’t believe it’s been a year already ! It has been so amazing- more than I could ever say!

Part I: rings, wedding dress, veil, shoes, & bridesmaids attire.
Part II: Bridal Showers, Save-the-Dates, & Invitations.

Part II: