I’ve come across my travel journal from the semester I spent in Rome, Italy in 2006! 

I love traveling, and have been able to travel all over with my then boyfriend, now husband and many friends! I’m going to start posting some of my travel stories in a new section of this blog! If you have a travel story to share, e-mail me!

Just thought I’d share the following entry!

Mari’s Journal

17 October 2006

Toló, Greece

Sunrise In Toló
Rosy-fingered Dawn was working her magic across the sky over the dormant, seaside town of Toló.  The first rays of light had penetrated the curtains and danced wildly over my eyes. The tide’s continuous, serene song sung out to me to leave the secular behind and immerse myself in its crystal clear, refreshing water.  I fancied myself to be under the spell of the sirens.  I made my way past my two sleeping roommates, slipped down the corridor and stairs to the seashore. I slipped my shoes off and twiddled my toes in the cool, rich sand. The salty perfume in the air reached my nose.  I felt I could almost taste the ocean’s richness.  I scanned panorama before me. The pinks, oranges, and violets in the sky were reflected over the Aegean.  Off to the right I could see the peaks of the dark mountains that had not yet been enchanted by Dawn.  Off to my left swayed four loosely tided boats over the soft waves. The morning call reached my ears.  I tilted by head up to see a flock of gulls aligned in a “V” shape making their way across the land to shatter the spells of the dormant citizens of Toló and announce the breaking of Dawn.

I felt frozen in time.  It was no wonder that the Greeks took so much pride in their country and way of life. It was no wonder that they fought off their invaders with so much vigor.  It was no wonder that they felt so inspired to compose such splendid, poetic lines. I could picture Homer sitting on a rock on the seaside plotting and planning Odysseus’ sea journey home.  If Attica had beauty even remotely close to this particular one in front of my eyes I could imagine I would persevere on a ten-day journey home as well.  Never had I seen such a perfect sunrise over the ocean. The joy and serenity of the scene were contagious.  It was all I could do but smile to myself and think that never had I felt so sure that I was in the right place at the right time.