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How do you celebrate important feast days in your home?

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Happy feast day of Our Lady’s Assumption!

Our preparations:

  • Get fresh flowers to put in our altar- check!
  • Plan a nice dinner and grocery shop- check!
  • Feast day Mass- check!
  • Tackle an involved, hearty entree (chicken pot pie!)- check!
  • Tackle dessert while entree cooking (brown sugar blondies w/ almonds!)-check!
  • Put dessert in oven while pulling entree out to cool- check!
  • Bust out our wedding china and set the table- check!

Our celebration:

  • Thanksgiving  and enjoy our meal!- check!
  • Brew French-pressed coffee– check!
  • Pour into our china teacups and enjoy with dessert!-tripple check!
  • Pray the rosary in front of our candle-lit altar and ask for special favors!