Oook. Since I have no shame. . . I’m going to unleash on you our pantry monster!We live in a little 2 bedroom apartment, and this pantry also subs as our “hall” closet. Besides our tiny closet in our bedroom (that used to be a staircase so it’s extremely narrow. . . this is all we have! Still dreaming of a house with a basement someday!)
This is really what it looked like last weekend (I didn’t trash it for pictures).
IMG_2381 IMG_2382
W.O.W. Can you believe we let it get like that! It got to the point where it was dangerous to go in there for toilet paper because opening the door meant


I decided to start off with the top shelf since it seemed like an easier step.  We ended up throwing away THREE empty soda cartons and lots of old wedding present gift wrapping paper (I did salvage some tissue paper and bigger scraps).


Getting there. . .  like I said. . . little apartment- no glamour here.

I grouped like items together such as all the painting related stuff in one section, all seedlings and gardening stuff in the planter (for the Spring), and then candles in that basket. We put the paper towels and toilet paper in an easier-to-reach, more sturdy spot. . . 
IMG_2404 IMG_2413

Next we clipped all the open chip bags for freshness. . . and threw away some stale crackers and other questionable unsealed remnants. . .

IMG_2388 Then I moved on to the bottom half. Oh, and don’t my OVERFLOW stash of canned tuna and tomato stuff. We’re getting ready for the “end times.”
Stationary supplies like pencils, pads and sticky pads went in that tub, and place mats are now rolled up on the side for easy grabbing.
Onions, shallots and garlic are supposed to be kept in the dark to keep them from sprouting. I’m using these baskets so they’re easy to reach for and because they keep air circulating.

(Things kept rotting inside the kitchen cabinets).
Isn’t that bag of rice so cool-looking? It’s in that awesome zipper-pouch (no more spilling!) Also,  I’m keeping these bell jars handy for now until I decide what to put in them.
Moving on to the cabinets. This is where I keep my stock piles. Whenever these things go on sale (usually Walgreens has the BEST deals believe it or not- better than even ALDIs!) I stock up! It saves time later and lots of $!  After moving the chips to a different area, I reorganized the shelves. You can’t tell, but there are THREE 4lb. bags of sugar, 2 jars of peanut butter and 3 jars of honey all on that top shelf along with TWO 5lb. bags of flour and 2 packets of cereal bars!)
IMG_2403 IMG_2406
I also have a stash of mason jars, tons of plastic flatware leftover from the reception and a huuuuge stash of all sizes of plastic ziplock and fold-top baggies!- YES, Walgreens-brand! Running out of essentials is the WORST for me!
Here’s where we keep our most-used shoes so we don’t track dirt and mud into the carpets, plus it’s so close to the front door when we’re on the go.
There’s our charcoal and vacuum also…
I love these shelving units! They were Garage Sale Finds from last summer to “build” our pantry. I think I paid something like $3 for the white one, and $8 for the 2-part black one.

Ok- so the camera isn’t the greatest, but here’s an idea. . .

                    BEFORE                                                                     AFTER

IMG_2381 IMG_2408