I know I said I’d be back… good thing I didn’t give a time frame!

I’ve been going back and forth whether to keep blogging or not. I began this little blog of mine before I started working full-time and after that life just got so busy! I was feeling like I didn’t have time to write more interesting posts or try to make the blog look pretty and well, when you get to that point that simply means it’s time to spend less time connected and more time living!

The break has been so nice! I’ve been using my free time to explore new things, plan and go on more trips with my husband, and have actually managed to find time to do some more projects I’d been putting off for so long! I’ve been repainting and changing the look of some furniture and making home more functional– but still in an eye-appealing way whenever possible working with the small spaces we have. And now we’re working on simplifying and getting rid of extra things and it feels so great!

Long story short, I’m still not sure if I’ll come back. . . but from the stats I can see people are still visiting and reading older posts. Maybe it’ll help to hear from you and see what you think, or what kinds of posts you’d enjoy reading, etc. Don’t be a lurker and say hello! I’d love to hear from you- it’s much more motivating that way 🙂