Wow! I was so surprised by the reactions! I am so pleased that this little blog of mine has helped inspire many of you! Thank you so much for all the encouragement I received in person, over the phone, through messages on facebook and in this blog! I am so excited to know I had so many unsuspected readers, and from several countries, too! I encourage you to not be shy in commenting, still, because it really makes it so much more worthwhile to know you’re reading and I want to know your own creative ideas, too!

And now for an announcement!

This blog is about to expand. . . ! The direction will be similar- all things related to getting back to the best of everything- you can read the mission here. And I’m very excited to be introducing to you some new bloggers that I’m hoping will become regular contributors! More on this soon as we work it out, but know there’s something brewing and I’m excited that there will be new voices and more creativity happening here- (not to mention actually getting some regularity in the postings!)

I’m feeling inspired, very excited, and more energetic and I promise to share with you more of what I’ve been up to as far as trips, projects, readings and ramblings are concerned- but I’ll leave you for now with this-

 Reminder- don’t neglect your civic duty and get to the polls tomorrow if you haven’t already!