What’s a French Country/ Modern Country kitchen theme without a pair of chickens? There’s just something about a hen that says kitchen to me.
When I walked by this pair at Goodwill, I just couldn’t pass them up!


I loved the black silhouette, but when we put the first one up we realized uhhhh this looks a little scary. . . in such a small apartment, there’s only few things that work on the limited wall space, and these ghostly-looking chickens were not on that A-list. IMG_2436


No problem! I’ll paint them white! White paint solves everything for me!

MUCH better. Seriously, with the toile, painted furniture and the lavender,I had to have the chickens to pull it all together.  (Ok, I know this picture is awful but you get the idea).


I love how they frame the tile- Sarah Anne gave it to us as a wedding present. She painted it herself! Isn’t she talented?

I’ll probably paint them black again one day when I find a good spot in my future house.  Spray paint is God’s gift for indecisive people!