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I came across my friend Amber’s note a few weeks back, and asked if she would mind if I posted it. I think she speaks more to the heart and along the same idea as my previous post The Lost Art of Letter Writing. I feel that especially today, Thanksgiving Day it’s a special way of showing someone you’re grateful for their friendship.

As many of you know, I love letters. My life story could be told in the letters that I have written and received. The other day I finally wrote down some reasons why in the midst of this fast-paced, self-absorbed, utilitarian, texting world of ours I continue to advocate snail mail. Maybe after reading this you will be inspired to write some letters of your own.

1. Letters are a chance to actualize/materialize your love for your friends. Its not enough to have friends in your head or your memory.

2. Anything worth loving demands sacrifice. A letter is proof that someone stopped what they were doing and dedicated their thoughts and words to you. They are not transient and effortless like email.

3. They leave a historical record; a treasure for people to find years from now.

4. They are a channel for creativity.

5. Its a tragedy to keep your happiness to yourself and heartbreaking to not allow your friends to help you bear your sorrows.

6. It costs 44 cents–or very little compared to a Starbucks latte.

7. Letters are a vehicle for deep conversations. Correspondence is a wonderful forum for revealing who you are, what you believe, what you love and care for, how you observe the world…..

8. Because one reads and writes letters slowly, one can really stop and think. A letter should place you in a different state of mind than you would be if you were rushing through an email. They encourage leisure.

9. They help your friends who are far away feel included -let in- to your busy life.

10. Everyone loves receiving letters.

11. I find it much easier to spill my heart with complete sincerity in letters. When my uncle was dying I had a hard time speaking with him on the phone, the words would not come. But as soon as I hung up I was able to say what I really wanted in a letter.

12. Somehow letters seem to come at the best times.

13. Ironically we all like having friends but often do not know how to be good friends. True friendship is arguably one of the greatest treasures and blessing we have. Friendship enriches our lives and helps us to see ourselves and the world in new and illuminating ways. A heartfelt letter is something to be cherished because it is as if an authentic part of someone’s soul has journeyed a great distance to arrive in your hands.


This may seem super sappy but that’s why I write about 70 letters a year. If only I got that many letters in return. I have never regretted writing a letter. Please feel free to add to the list.

*Amber is an amazing freelance photographer and has shot several of our friends’  weddings. Check out her portfolio here.