Guest post by Lexie

I’ve tried all sorts of calendars. Dry erase boards are too messy, the paper kind you buy at the local grocery/book store don’t give enough room to write and those wallet/planner calendars are never where I need them when I need to jot an important something down. Then, genius struck! (Well, sorta).


I came upon this neatest little article entitled ‘Customed Calendars’ in the Home section of the January 2010 edition of the Real Simple magazine. I was inspired!

I like the idea of making a calendar that is all my ownwhich is not only a peg board, but a place where I can quickly jot down the next doctor’s appt, etc…Functional and fabulous!

All That You’ll Need:

  • Ribbon (2 rolls of 15 feet will leave you with a little left over)
  • Tacks (I bought mine at Hobby Lobby but will look for some smaller ones for the future)
  • Scissors
  • Measuring Tape
  • Pen/Pencil
  • Cork Board (mine has a white wooden frame!)
  • White Paper (or any color of your choosing)

1. Measure the length of one ribbon against the height of your board and then cut five more to match. These will be placed vertically on your calendar with a tack at each end, thus making the “seven days of the week”. They should be just long enough to fit the board, don’t give them much slack… we don’t want a sloppy looking work of art!

IMG_2366 IMG_2371


2. Remember to measure ahead of time for a crisp display. For the size of my board and ribbon, each row needed to be three inches apart.

3. Ta-da! You’re almost there!

4. This project was impossible for me to do in one sitting with my four month old baby girl, so several ‘nap times’ later :), this was what I had. The whole endeavor took two weeks! But no worries, without interruptions this is a cinch.

5. Six vertical and five horizontal rows of cute red and white checkered ribbon (I thought it was fitting for my Fall/Winter theme). Now, onto the tacks! You’ll need to secure the ribbon to place, but placing a tack at every ‘intersection’ would be too much. See how I did it instead? It works great!

6. I’m planning on giving my calendar a fun new look every month (new ribbon, new paper) and I hope to get more creative with every try, but for now, I’m using white paper for my days of the month.

7. After a while, I decided to cut my paper down so that I could see the cork board, you don’t have to but I just like the look of it.




8. Finally, write your numbers, days of the week and month, then add a little flair!


9. Don’t buy decorations, use what you have laying around! Its more affordable and lots more fun. I cut up an old Christmas card to frame my ‘December’ and picture of the Holy Family, as well. Actually, all of my decorations were from last year’s Christmas cards I had received from family and friends. I’m so glad I saved them!

We can’t forget that Christmas is all about the celebration of Jesus Christ’s birth, the true reason for our holiday festivities. Do you see my 25th of December? =)


And the angel said to the sheperds, “ Do not be afraid, for behold, I bring you good news of great joy which shall be to all the people; for today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you, who is Christ the Lord.” -The Gospel of Luke 2:10-11


There it is! My little work of art. Tell us about yours!


To anyone who can tell us what the red heart on the 28th of my calendar stands for!