Here’s a quick project if you want to update some curtain rods!

When we moved in, the first things that had to go were all the ugly, seen-better-days plastic blinds.  But of course, we wanted the privacy, too.

On one of our first shopping trips after moving in we splurged (yeah) on $1.25 curtain rods at Tar-jay. I was more distracted about the thought of curtains to make it feel more homey to think of the detail of the color of the rods. . . or maybe I just was distracted by the cheaper price on the options!

And it all worked just fine for a year!

But there was definitely something lacking in the details. I LOVE my handmade curtains from a clearance Williams-Sonoma tablecloth that my MIL made for me, and I want them to stand out more when contrasted with our dark kitchen.

Out came my friend, Rustoleum (that’s the guy’s real name who owns this line!)


And in a matter of minutes (plus a few hours for drying) I gave that brass some real class!





Yes, that’s a fire alarm right there- you can never have one of those too handy, you know. . .

And that’s how you can update the brassy elements in your home or apartment- (I doubt your landlord will mind if the thing happens to be a permanent fixture). Hope this gives you a new way to look at something whether in your home, or if you come across a not-so-perfect-but-useful-item at a thrift store!