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Anyone who knows me personally knows how much I love quality-made stationary items. I love to write everything down, and to do it as neatly as possible. I am known to use white-out on my planner pages! (go ahead, laugh!)  Call me crazy, but I like to be systematic about how I write things down, in what space of the page and in what color so I can find what I need to find quickly. This goes especially for my planners.

I know I have my handy mini chalkboard on my fridge for more visual reminders, but I also need to have something that’s always with me since I am on-the-go 75% of the week.

Every year I make it a point to research planners to find the one that will work best for me.  I need durability since I carry my planner with me 24/7 and I like to be able to refer back to particular dates for events, appointments, etc from the previous years.

I need a particular amount and type of space. I keep my to-do list, grocery lists, garage sale/thrift store “to look for” list, a  reading and movie  list (I meet cool people on the train who read and watch cool stuff), gift idea list (ok the lists are endless!)  My planner tells me what to do everyday. It’s my command center, that is, how I organize my mind, and I’d be lost without it.

I put much thought into picking out a planner particular to my current lifestyle.

source: galleryleather.com

For example, as a student I needed one with plenty of space on each day to write out my assignments and to-do things for the particular day, but it also had to be part of a week-at-glance.


source: galleryleather.com

I also wanted a separate month-at-glance section for the deadlines and appointments. For this kind, I didn’t mind a bright color so I could quickly find it amidst my pile of books.

For three years this Gallery Leather Desk Planner style was my constant companion.

Nowadays, I’m commuting to work and trying to squeeze in errands whenever possible into the work week, so I need a pocket-size one that easily fits into my small purse.

I start looking around November because by then the designs for the upcoming year are out. (ok, feel free to laugh at me some more here).  Another reason is because it is always at the top of my Christmas wish list.

I finally found the perfect one! The Moleskine Soft Cover Pocket Size Weekly.

As I was researching the different options, I came across this awesome video and it just sold me on its “awesomeness” !

There are several styles and sizes of these! 

I picked the weekly style that has the weekdays on the left side, and a lined page on the right side (free space to expand on lists, goals, and notes for the week!)


On the daily sections I write birthdays and my husband’s changing schedule in blue, deadlines in red, and everything else mostly in black. I keep track of things returned and cash spent on the particular days to keep a record.

On the right side of the page for that particular week I wrote a general weekly to-do list, and some blog post ideas, along with a note about a Photo Expo starting this week. (the pencil markings were for tentative stuff so I could erase it easily instead of crossing out or white-out, haha).

Here’s the  monthly section. I can easily see birthdays, trips and appointments for the month at a glance.

As you can see, my February weekends are already jam-packed! 


I love the quality of the ‘leather’ binding (I don’t think it’s really leather, but close, and definitely not a real mole’s skin!), the pages, the ribbon bookmark, and the convenient pocket tucked in the inside back cover-(perfect for my train schedule).

Best of all, it’s the perfect, portable size! (3×5)


There’s something about writing on paper that will never lose its appeal for me. It is a more definitive action than typing. It forces you to slow down a tad and think. It is memorable.  It is permanent.

I’d be disoriented without my planner! What’s your current companion like? Is there anything specific you look for or tweak yourself to accomodate your needs?