I’m not, but Williams-Sonoma is all week! Did you know they often have complimentary technique classes in their stores? 

 I just received their April demo calendar and it looks great!

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Why am I so excited? Because this is can be a fun, free outing!

Go take advantage with a friend or with your hubs sometime and let me know how it went! Throwing in free classes here and there apparently is a regular thing with Williams-Sonoma.

With the weather starting to warm up and the Spring lines out in the stores it’s the perfect little outing to speed up Spring around here.

The closest store to us is in a spread-out open-air shopping center. I love outdoor shopping- I don’t even remember the last time I went to a mall! Our usual outings look something like this:

  • good conversation over coffee at Caribou, (which unfortunately just closed down but will be replaced by Starbucks).
  • inspiration for planning our dream manor at furniture stores like Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware.
  • learning something new at our favorite, Williams-Sonoma. We easily can spend an hour in there looking at all the specialized (and ‘muy expensivo’) cook’s tools and equipment like that quality All-Clad d5 stainless-steel skillet.

We actually did make W-S a stop on our vacation last month in downtown San Francisco!


I loved this sign!

I’m just super excited about the technique class this weekend!

Technique class: From Scratch- Sausage

We were given a meat grinder attachment for the kitchen-aid mixer as a wedding present. We always thought it would be awesome (and economical) to grind our own meat and make our own sausages! It’s about time we try this!

I’m going to try and go to that class. Class or no class, I promise to do a follow-up post Julie & Julia style when we finally make our own sausages! I’ll give myself a general deadline: sometime before the summer. Oops. Too generous?