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I’ve always loved the look of gallery wall arrangements in homes, particularly alongside staircases. I love the personal touch to the home, while at the same time transporting one to a special event with loved ones.

On a practical level, arrangements on a wall rather than on tabletop surfaces keep the area clear of clutter and dust, making everything look cleaner. Ever notice what a huge difference it makes to a room to have the end/coffee tables cleared? On the other hand, a cluster of photos, if not well-placed, can make a room look cluttered, and I feel this is especially dangerous when you’re dealing with tiny spaces like we are in our apartment.

I’m sure that there still might be a way to pull it all together. Maybe I ought to try mixing B&W photos with color ones, or perhaps not having matching frames.  I definitely think the floating shelves are not working.  All this indecision has left many bullet holes on that poor, paneled wall. It’s time to take a break from that. Until I figure it out, I decided to just keep it simple rather than awkwardly in transition.

I love our wedding pictures, especially the moments captured with my siblings and my parents. We are all spread across the country so looking at them makes them feel closer.

Here’s a look at our wall transitions over the past year and a half.

Problems: The crucifix was way too high, and I didn’t like that gap in the middle. Also, that antique piece stuck out too much in the middle of the room and was impractical for storing since there were no shelves inside of it.


October 2009

Adding more pictures and a long buffet table balanced out the space more. The little table on the side along with the chest serve as our “invisible” charging unit. We keep all the cords on the inside of that chest and the table blocks the view of the cords. (The outlets are poorly placed in this room). I always thought painting the clock white or black would make it all come together more, but in reality the problem was the clutter. Just because we have a wall, it doesn’t mean it needs to be covered!

June 2010

This looked nicer, cleaner around Christmas. Notice how I tried having a large collage print rather than multiple frames to see how it would work for a small space. I thought it’d be a fun area to tweak for the seasons, but then there’ would always be the danger of too many oddly “orbiting” things closing us in. Plus, those lanterns pose quite the fire risk. . .


Why don’t I try collage prints over frames. . .

I gave up (at least for now). This is what this side of the living room currently looks like. I moved the Papal Blessing from our bedroom to the living room. It covered up all the holes and balanced nicely with the painting on the left!  I also cleared all the books from that table and replaced the basket. The basket could go, but it’s there because it’s functional. It can’t all be about looks, right? Note the “invisible” white cord now that lines the trim.  I still need to secure the black lamp cord behind the table legs.

Poor St. Joseph is still orbiting. The problem is that he’s so small and anywhere else he gets lost! It’s a true tribute to his humility– he’s off to the side, but ever-present.
Should I paint that clock?
“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”
-Thomas A. Edison

I love the concept, but I’m not loving what I’ve tried so far in this room. We are going to try an architectural gallery wall in the study instead and then perhaps come back to this wall. It’s been fun to experiment!

Is there anything you’ve been experimenting with recently?

 So that’s our “tried and failed didn’t work” story, so sorry if you were looking for some real tips from this post. Instead, check out one of my favorite blogs for inspiration, The Inspired Room. There’s a Gallery Wall Partygoing on over there!