This past December I did a silly thing. I thought it would be a festive idea to light a red candle inside a little lantern. Then I placed it on top of my white painted hutch for the evening.

A few hours later, there was a dripping mess of wax! All the way down the doors and the outer edges.

I tried everything to get it off: scrapped the wax, used my Shaklee Basic H, poured boiling water on the wax…

And while most of the residue came off, the stain  remained.


The solution was to paint the whole thing again since I made up that paint color with remnants of old paint and no longer had any left, but it would have to wait until the weather turned warm again (that’s ages here in the Midwest!) January…  February…  March…  Apr–!

And then, all of a sudden, the snow clouds cleared, the sun came out, and [insert angelic voices] the temperature escalated to EIGHTY DEGREES!

So what did I do? Something other than what I had originally planned…


Tee-hee! How’s that for a tease? Just like the weather. . . snow again this weekend. 😦