“I was struck by Josemaría’s statement that God is found in “everyday life,” and that everyday life, in his case, was the Spanish Civil War.

I wondered: How could one find the divine in war? But then the same question can be asked of all the fundamental challenges in life, and how we face them: How we respond to hatred and rejection, or the desire for revenge and justice — all those dilemmas are heightened in wartime.

Those dilemmas are, in a sense, the “dragons” of the film — turning points in our lives where we’re faced with potent choices, choices that are going to affect our future.

“There Be Dragons” is about the very different choices that people take at those turning-points — temptations, if you like — and how hard it is, and yet how necessary, to escape cycles of hatred and resentment and violence.”

Source: Zenit’s interview with There Be Dragons director Roland Joffé.

The movie opens this weekend in select theaters!

Please make an effort to go see it. If successful this weekend, it will show in all theaters across the country. It’s an amazing opportunity to show the world that solid, meaningful movies are WORTH making, and it can be a great tool for conversion for so many. Movies have the potential to reach so many because they are so accessible, and this particular one is definitely going to have an impact. It already has had one on the director and has caused the conversion of main actor, Wes Bentley: