Our recent trip to Oklahoma in April for a friend’s wedding left us feeling a bit nostalgic for the peaceful, rustic life. Unfortunately that 12 hour (24 rt) trip had to be done in one weekend so we didn’t get the chance to experience much of the rustic lifestyle.

When the weather FINALLY warmed around these Midwestern parts we took advantage and away we went from noisy, crowded, concrete Chicago to a relative’s quiet, isolated, little cabin out in Neshkoro in the beautiful Wisconsin country. 

Little trips like these are much needed. It’s so nice to go away, disconnect and unwind even for just a weekend here or there each season. I was getting cabin fever being cooped up for so long. We hardly had a Spring this year!


We enjoyed day and late-night bonfires every day!


We found these great mopeds in the shed and took them for a ride! It was incredible!



We admired that 100-year-old barn that was soon to be fully demolished.


Quality. Built to last 100 years!



And we took a little (err big) memento home! We are going to make a picture frame for the above picture!


Ah, the taste and feel of summer at last!  


We went out for dinner at this amazing restaurant near Lake Lucerne. We ate a delicious meal. To prolong our outing, we ordered drinks and watched a gorgeous sunset!


Tried the local grub: potato skins! HEAVENLY!


And hit up the local flea markets!


Doing nothing is no vacation. (double negative?) Change of pace, rest, and  good food is our kind of vacation. We all need rejuvenation so we can come back to our busy, daily lives with new focus.

“I have always seen rest as time set aside from daily tasks, never as days of idleness. Rest means recuperation… In other words it means a change of occupation, so that you can come back later with a new impetus to your daily job.” –St. Josemaria Escriva

Can’t get away right now? Try a change of pace in your daily life. Slow down a little in small things. Make something you love like strawberry jam from scratch. Check out the inspiration for my title :Kristin’s blog: Living the Rustic Life.