Better late than never! We decided to go for it, even though we do plan on moving. We had the seeds already so why not use them, and why not enjoy the process? If we’re lucky this year we might be able to enjoy some of the “sweat of our brow” before we move like we did last year! The next lucky tenants will get what’s left 🙂

Left side: basil Right side: green onions.


Pots: left to right: jalapenos, jalapenos, bell peppers.


Nothing so far…. maybe some sunflowers or another flower assortment.


And just for kicks, to see if anything can grow in this. . . mud. . .


Left to right: watermelon, cantaloupe, and pumpkins!


haha he put the packets upside-down. . . men. . .


And a big pot of carrots surrounded by chocolate mint that was already there!


Some of the plants shot up within a week! Now we’re actually glad we didn’t bother germinating for weeks ahead of time. When the weather is right nature does its thing!