We moved! Literally and electronically! Four months just came and went in such a blink! But I’m still here, in a new city, in a new state, and in a new, spiffier blog space!

I still remember vividly that phone call. Tommy called me on a Thursday afternoon and told me point blankly in the most animated language that he had been accepted to a prestigious law school with a scholarship and had until Monday to decide. What?! We had a plan already. He had chosen a school. He had sent the second large non- refundable deposit. I had a stable job. We had found an apartment. We had family minutes away. And now we had days to consider scrapping all our plans for the Unknown? Out of the blue like that?

What did we do? Dropped everything and prayed. The image of St. Joseph and the way it all happened for him- twice- was close to our hearts. “GO,” the angel told him. And he humbly abandoned himself to God’s will, dropped everything and went. It’s funny because we both deep down knew change was just around the corner, so it was more of a surprise and less of a shock. The surprise being the location. We both had forgotten he had applied there!

As you can see, we didn’t quite drop everything the way St. Joseph did. We definitely filled that truck to the max [edited 11.10.11 to add: with the help of my valiant brother-in-law who drove that truck the whole 1,000 miles by himself!]. I’m glad that in anticipation for “a” move I had started to simplify and downsize as much as possible. We had a garage sale and did store some things in my inlaw’s basement, but the majority of our stuff came with us. The new place was bigger (another pleasant surprise).

It was quite the summer of changes and new beginings for us in so many senses of the word. God’s hands are definitely the best place for things to be at. It’s such a relief to not be in control. He’s got it all taken care of- better than I ever could.