It’s a duplex. And it’s cute. And it has major character. It was originally built this way in the late 1940s, or so the landlord says. We had to sign some kind of release saying we’re aware of the possibility of the presense of lead paint in the wall (somewhere under the many layers). I don’t really think it was originally built as a duplex. According to Zillow it was built as a single family home. What a genius idea to convert it into a duplex. It was at some point split it right down the middle, hence, our neighbors have a window in their master closet. Genius I say. Double the rent for the landlord. Whatever. It works for us. We get a small house out of the deal: 2 bedrooms, 1 full bath, a dining room, living room, kitchen, 4 closets, a walk-in pantry, a screened-in porch with closet for utilities, a shed AND a yard!

Here’s the short tour of our new home.

Blue house, white shutters and a red door. I love the red door! It’s an Irish tradition to have the front door painted red for good luck welcome… and well, our name is more Irish than either one of us are… me= 0. Tommy= 1/8th. But who’s checking?

Ignore the ‘landscaping’. That monster bush has since been trimmed.

We have two front doors. The red one is the shared main door. To the right is us, and to the left, our cool neighbors (another young, married couple- phew!). This is the view from the dining room which is between the living room and the kitchen. Upstairs are the bedrooms and bathroom.

There are two bedrooms upstairs. Both have the same layout. The bedroom is the furthest from the stairs, and the first bedroom (the brightest one) is the study.

Did I mention we have closets?! FOUR of them! This here is one dedicated to linens, medicine and toiletries. Only!

This is our new, small kitchen. I won’t say the world’s smallest kitchen, because that award would go to our almost home back in Chicago. We have one and a half counters of “working” space (when it’s not being taken up by whichever appliance we’re using). It was quite a shock compared to our first kitchen. I never thought I’d adjust so effortlessly. It’s true! With that awesome pantry to house most of our food and all our appliances, pots & pans, and everything else you can think of in an open shelf view, it’s a cinch to grab whatever we need without needing to open tons of drawers or doors!

A YARD! Room to breathe stretch out! (those of you lucky to have land know why I didn’t put breathe). It’s not our dream manor, but one step closer! We have our own trees, a small area for gardening, space for a backyard party, and around behind the shed the property goes on. There’s a clearing for us to have mini bonfires and even a compost pile!

Can I just say how much we love the space? And the closets? I have a new appreciation for closets. And can I just say in retrospect how much I dislike carpets? Give me a broom, baby, a dust pan and a mop and I’ll Cinderella my way happily ever after. I still can’t believe we have hardwood floors throughout!

Yep. I think this may be a major upgrade to our first place.