I did it. I used Craigslist. Our new place did not come with a washer or dryer. Thankfully, it wasn’t enough of a negative to make us pass this place up. Why? Because we figured we’d garage sale it or something.

It’s no secret almost everything we own (minus the wedding gifts) are second-hand. All our furniture, home decor items, lamps, small appliances like the mini convection/toaster oven and even our nice “rags” came from garage sales.

Our go-to secondhand sources:

Garage/yard/estate sales, consignment stores, the Will/GW Sports (a.k.a. Goodwill), thrift stores, freecycle, and craigslist.

Note. I put Craig and his List at the end. Confession: Up until a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been too paranoid to go that route. But I freecycle? (yes, it’s a verb now) Isn’t that the same? Yes and no. With Freecycle you’re in a network with roughly the same group of people. You’re in a club. You have to ask to be admitted in the club. And then you get used to the same people posting. But with Craigslist? People lie in that place.

source: thebrickhouse.tumblr.com via: Mari on pinterest

And what about all those “scam alert + + + + + + ” warnings (with all those symbols) can get kinda creepy kinda fast. But you know what, they’re not as creepy as the laundromats!

So I did it! I scoured craigslist for two weeks and e-mailed countless people. That’s the annoying thing about craigslist. It seems like half the time people forget they posted or don’t remove their posts. On Freecycle, people post “taken” so you don’t have to waste your time, but it can also take months before someone posts something you actually want. We didn’t have months. And we certainly hated to dish out $200 for an open box item that could just as easily break the day after the one-year warranty ended.

So a $50 washer is what we went for. It was one of the cheapest options! It worked out great because to the price of the postings we always factored in $25 to rent a truck from Lowe’s or Home Depot to pick it up since we don’t have an suv.

It was quite the adventure driving that truck. Tommy insisted on speaking with a fake drawl/ exaggerated hick accent through the entire operation since we’re in the South now. So for $75 we got a washer from a cute, young couple who had just moved in to their new house and did not need the (fairly new!) appliances the house came with. Too bad the dryer was gas and not electric or we would have haggled the price to take both off their hands! Maybe I’ll give craigslist another go and try for a dryer. Thankfully that’s not as pressing and I have time to also patiently beg post on Freecycle.