The study is the room I have been the most anxious to finish. I want Tommy to feel he can study at home as much as possible, and I want it to be ready to be transformed into a cozy guest room at a moment’s notice. Hear that friends? Come visit! We have a room for you!

So here we are still reinventing our study. I want a cleaner, less cluttered look than before with a definite “reading room” or “study” feel.

Here are some of my pinboard‘s inspiration ideas, and how I analyze the pictures. I like to narrow in on the details to see what I can incorporate in my own home:

I like the hanging painting in this one, but that would only look good with bookcases arranged next to each other. Unfortunately we can’t have this layout. Additionally I like the inviting reading/writing area and the standing lamps. Note to self: comfy chair, ottoman, and standing lamps.

source: southern living via me on pinterest

I love the black frames and matting. Again, here’s a writing corner next to a window. Note to self: black frames with large matting (a photo gallery wall with matching frames).

source: martha stewart via me on pinterest

Window treatments and an area rug add character and texture to the room. We need that since ours is so bare. Since the writing area will have to be simply a desk for lack of space, I want to get another loveseat. (The one we had in our previous study has moved to the living room). Note to self: area rug, curtains, and a comfy loveseat. It would be great if the loveseat could be a sofa bed.

source: kristen panitch interiors via me on pinterest

Now here’s a perfect mix. A reading room that doubles as a guest room. It’s interesting how the bed is way in the back with a writing table in the middle of the room. I like this. Note to self: light fixture, mismatched cozy chairs, day bed/ small couch, mixture of books and storage bins/picture frames on bookcases for added interest.

source: honestlywtf blog via me on pinterest

 Realistically speaking there’s no way ours will look anything like these. It’s only a small room we have to work with.  I want the room to be primarily functional for us, but also cozy. It’s for living, after all, not for looking at. But still… I can dream, right? One day…