When in Rome… Okay, we’re not in Rome anymore but it was always such a beautiful sight to see! I bet every visitor to Italy has at least a picture (if not dozens) of the Italians’ laundry hanging in lines between the colorful brick buildings in the alleys.

Earlier this year I read this post from my ultimate favorite blog, Small Notebook. It brought back memories from my semester abroad back in college.  I kept thinking how fun that would be one day when I had a yard, not to mention how economical! Well, now we have a yard and less pennies in our bank!

If you remember the story about our craigslit washer, you won’t be surprised to know we still haven’t gotten a dryer. I’m still patiently waiting to snatch one for free via freecycle, especially with the coming winter months, but in the meantime, it has been so much fun to look foward to beautiful, sunny Saturdays to line dry!

If you don’t have a yard, try a simple pulley system for your patio or porch. We plan to do this for our ahem intimates. Our neighbors don’t need to be staring at our underwear every weekend! We have been air drying our intimates inside our porch or inside the study closet depending on the darkness of the day haha.

Line drying is a beautiful ritual. It forces you to slow down a little in the middle of a hectic day, and there’s a pleasure that comes with that little dose of serenity. It’s the little things that often bring the most joy in everyday life. We just have to keep a lookout for them.