Eek! We get to play host and hostess this week! We love love love entertaining!

For the record: Tommy does NOT have or wear a zebra/chevron-print apron. That’s his manly black-stripped grilling apron. It was a slow shutter speed shot and he obviously was shaking his bootie twitching while I was taking it!

Our good friends John and Randi are driving up from Florida to stay with us for four nights and celebrate Thanksgiving with us! We haven’t seen them since right after their wedding back in April so we are all really excited. We’re all stranded far from family so we decided to get together and do the whole Thanksgiving works. They’re bringing pumkin pie, squash, scones, stuff for stuffing and “the good stuff” along with a roasting pan and those awesome Cutco shears (hopefully Tommy will get my hint!). We’re taking care of the turkey, wine, sweet potato, apple pie, apple turnovers and some TBA sides.

We had some hosting practice earlier this month. Tommy’s parents visited us for our birthday weekend and we busted out our English ironstone.

The funny thing is that I haven’t a clue how to do a turkey. My family always did chicken for Thanksgiving before becoming American and then it just stuck haha! Argentinians aren’t big on turkey. This is going to be a fun adventure, and thankfully we are all doing it together since they are arriving the day before. I’ve been devouring my backissues of Martha Stewart and Cook’s Illustrated to menu plan. We had pre-ordered a giant turkey breast from Whole Foods but decided last minute together via Skype to cancel it and get the whole turkey instead. Trader Joe’s has the whole bird for the price of just the breast at Whole Foods! I love Trader Joe’s.

So this will certainly be an adventure. I did the main grocery shopping on Friday (I’m so proud of myself for getting organized early for once!) and avoided the stores this weekend. We made stock last night (after grilling a whole chicken for dinner), cookie dough and pie crust. Tonight we will make pies and turnovers, and tomorrow the sweet potato. Of course, it won’t all be smooth and perfect, but that will be the fun of it! I’m sure a quick grocery run may be needed, but at least I know it will be for a basic something or other… like apples! I just realized while typing this and looking at the above picture that we’re out of apples for the apple pie! Gah! Well, I guess I deserve my punishment.