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Our first 8 months of marriage we lived without internet. Honestly, it was freeing to step back and disconnect some, and we’re both glad we did it, but it was pretty inconvenient. We don’t foresee doing it out of free will unless things get tight. It’s uncanny how dependent we are on technology… I realized quickly that I hardly kept track of basic things like people’s addresses because of tools like e-mail and facebook. Usually the answer to the question was a text or message away. But then what do you do in case of a power outage or some sort of emergency and your smart phone or ipad is dead?

photo credit: ontd blog

A real, tangible address book kept Kate McCallister from panicking! She whipped it out and sent Leslie and the family off to the phone booths with it.

Enter our new moleskine address book. Yep. I’m pretty much obsessed with moleskine stuff. I lost my cheap-o one during the move (hence all the texts and fb messages, friends) so we’re starting with a clean slate.

photo credit: moleskine.co.uk

It’s perfect! There’s plenty of space to fill in as much or as little as you want, a pocket in the back for business cards, stamps, or a family contact master list in case you don’t want to fill in every single relative (we have tons!) in the pages. We got the black, large, hardcover version just in time to get all those addresses recompiled for Christmas cards to go out.

My basic format looks something like this:

McCallister, Peter & Kate        05-05-1969        H  847-123-4567
671 Lincoln Ave.Winnetka, IL 60093        
peter.mccallister@mail.com   03-07-1945        C  847-234-5678
kate.mccallister@mail.com    03-04-1954        C  847-345-6789


Birthday, Anniversary, e-mail, home, cell, work phone, fax, company, job title etc… are some of the variables we are adding.

This will hopefully be the last address book we ever purchase.

So back to Home Alone… CLASSIC! My family watches it every year on Christmas Eve after dinner. It’s practically the movie we learned English with. My brothers and I can quote the entire thing… and believe me, we have driven our parents crazy in the past on long car rides. We used to pull out the old VHS player to play that same, old VHS tape up until a couple of years ago when they finally got the DVD. Tommy bought me the DVD for Christmas last year, too!

My favorite part:

Seriously. No movie scream can top this one.

Leave it to pinterest to be my source for old breaking news. The Home Alone house is for sale! You would not believe the interesting things that come up on google when you type in Home Alone House. For starters, here’s the listing. And check out this post from Hooked on Houses about the updates it has received since it’s snazzy late 80s/early 90s decor. Pretty interesting. Even with all that crazy wallpaper, dark, shiny wood and red and green color scheme it always looked like such a cozy house to me. On our next trip to Chicago I want to go take a picture in front of the house!