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It’s Christmas Eve! We drove up to Chicago yesterday and are ready for Christmas around here. I’m super disappointed there’s no snow, but I suppose it’s something to offer up. There are more important things to ponder on. I’ll leave you with these words I read today, dear friends! I wish you all a blessed Christmas!

In a very special and extraordinary way Our Lady’s life centers around Jesus. And especially so on this, the eve of her son’s birth. We can hardly begin to have any idea of what the spriit of recollection within her soul was like.

She was always recollected. And that is how we must learn to be; we, whose thoughts are so dissipated and so distracted by things of little importance! Only one thing is really important in our lives: Jesus, and everything that refers to him.

Nobody in this world has known how to talk to Jesus as his Mother did and, next to his mother, St. Joseph who must have spent long hours gazing on him, talking to him, simply being in his company and venerating Him. So, if anyone cannot find a teacher to teach him how to pray, let him take this glorious saint as his teacher and he will not stray from the path.

As we finish our prayer, we contemplate Joseph very close to Mary. He is full of consideration and attention towards her. Jesus is about to be born. He has prepared that cave as well as he could. We ask him to help us to prepare our souls so that we are not dissipated and distracted when we have Jesus so close to us.

-Taken from In Conversation with God by Francis Fernandez. Meditation for December 24th.