This is a long overdue post… My mother-in-law and I made some beeswax candles the day before on Christmas eve!

Beeswax candles are the best. They burn the longest, and smell great (naturally)! Of course, they are also the most expensive ones to buy, so why not learn to make your own? They’d come in handy for the Advent wreath, too!

First thing’s first. You need the right materials. Second: You need the right method. (Although the wrong one works, too!). These pictures are self-explanatory!

1., Buy some good quality raw Beeswax. It’s only $4.50 / lb. at Sleeping Bear Farms!

2.  Melt the beeswax on a metal pouring pot. We used this one.

3. Prep your candlestick mold by weaving the wicks through the top and bottom of the it.

4. Put a ruler to hold the wicks up on the center of each tube/mold and pour the wax slowly so it can cool as it fills the mold!

Uhm, did I forget to mention you should place the mold on top of a pyrex or something to catch the extra wax? Don’t worry! The wax scrapes off easily once it starts to harden- don’t wait until it completely cools, though!

And no wasting! Just melt it and do it again!

Take two…

5. Cut the wicks!

6. Scrape off the excess wax on top and on the bottom.

7. Remove the candles however you can… Freeze them (so they shrink down and slide off after a gentle tug). That didn’t work for us.

We sprayed hot water to soften them up…

8. And pry those babies out…!

It took quite a bit of effort. . .

There they are!!

Ready to be used!

Easy enough? Next I’ll show you how to make the pillar ones. They’re even easier!