Sometimes you just need a little break! We both were so ready for some sun. It doesn’t matter where I live- up North or back South again, by March, I’m ready for the beach. And I mean the ocean. So Tommy and I both packed our bags last week and left our law school and office caves behind and headed South to this tune. We left last-minute. We decided two hours before leaving that we’d leave that day and after a quick Trade Joe run and an hour of packing and shoving we left asap to beat the rush hour.

Our first stop was Savannah, my old stomping grounds. We were able to go to Wormsloe Plantation at last. We’d tried to go twice on previous visits and this time we had our GA State Park Pass with us so it was free!

The mile-long entrance is just beautiful.

The next day we headed to Jekyll Island where we camped for three nights.   It’s a small, 7-mile long island that is 1.5 miles wide. It’s tiny and beautiful!

We camped at the campground on the island. It was a walking distance to the beach and you could hear the ocean at night 🙂 Since we rushed so much, we forgot a lot of things… like plates and silverware. So much for all my careful pinning of camping tips. I made an awesome master list of everything and we hardly looked at it. We did take notes on what we forgot for next time. Thankfully there was a little grocery store on the island  and it was cheap! That never happens. Usually it’s $10 for a pack of Hershey bars and marshmallows at camping places. We even bought cornstarch and salt at this little shop for back home since it was so cheap there!

The weather was absolutely gorgeous. It was warm, breezy and there were no mosquitos or humidity! I can’t say it’ll be like that for much longer. We were so incredibly lucky. We also woke up early for the sunrises.

 We saw some howling dog-looking driftwood…

Those trees look like the just couldn’t keep walking and gave up… The remind me of what I look like after I attempt 2 push ups. Ha.

I love travel photography. We don’t buy stuff when we travel. Instead, we like to document our trip.

This was our third camping trip since we got married. I love it! We’ve been camping at Door County Peninsula State Park in Wisconsin, Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore in Michigan, and now Jekyll Island. So far we’ve only camped in places with a bathroom for me- I’m not quite ready to rough it completely yet, although we almost did. We had planned to camp at Cumberland Island where you can only bring what you can carry. No car. But it was booked. I’m taking baby steps with all of this but it’s so fun. It means cheap and beautiful vacations and lots of them!