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Alleluia! Happy Easter everyone! I hope you all are having a joyous Easter season and that all your hopes are being renewed ūüôā

We had a great weekend and spent Easter Sunday with our friends, Greg and Tracie. We went to the morning Mass at the Basilica downtown and it was beautiful. Then we hosted a brunch at our place. I stayed up late the night before setting the table and pulling out the flowers from hiding. (We like to wait until Easter to put out the Easter flowers). Tommy had to come help me with the bunny napkin¬†folds. There’s a reason I was terrible at geometry- I could never follow along with the folds the teacher made to show us 3-D shapes. I need some one-on-one haha. I must have watched that video at least 10 times.I love my blue hydrangea! I have plans to repot them in a bigger pot. Supposedly they do well in the shade, too, so I want to keep them inside for a while. They just cheer me up so much and smell so nice!

Tracie and I really got into the pinterest recipe and decor pinning that week! She made this delicious roasted asparagus salad with citrus dressing to go with my bacon and cheese quiche.

She also made this beautiful basil lime fruit salad. The basil made it!

I was so excited to start baking again! I made these giant carrot cake muffins with cream cheese icing– Cook’s Illustrated recipe, of course! I also made these super easy blueberry cream cheese danishes.

Easter is here to stay until Pentecost- May 27th. So try to celebrate in the little ways at home, especially this coming Sunday,  Divine Mercy Sunday! Gaudete! He is risen!