Hi! I’m Mariana, the author of this blog!
I am a twenty-something-newlywed (well, kind-of but I love that it still feels like it!). I am eager to get back to the best of everyday things and to share my thoughts on the new experiences, insights and of the joy in the ordinary little things. I am currently  living in my second home in a second city and a second state after my second year of marriage.  I work full-time as a translator/legal clerk and in my spare time  love to keep busy with good reading, home projects, garage sale and thrift store shopping, good films, letter writing and trying out new recipes. This blog is a collection of joyous little things that make up my life and of all the good things that I’m learning about. Join me on my journey to rediscovering purpose and authenticity in ordinary life as we strive to make homes and lead lives that are bright and cheerful full of peace and joy.

I am truly enjoying finding new kindred spirits through this blog! I love that its evolving into a way for us all to share our perspectives on so many things. Please join in on the conversations in the comments sparked by the blog posts- that’s where the inspiration happens!

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What are your thoughts?

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