Reading List

There are worse crimes than burning books. One of them is not reading them. – Joseph Brodsky.

Reading List


  • A Father’s Tale– Michael D. O’Brien
  • The Screwtape Letters– C. S. Lewis
  • Father Elijah– Michael D. O’Brien
  • La sombra del viento (The Shadow of the Wind)– Carlos Ruiz Zafon
  • Far from the Madding Crowd– Thomas Hardy
  • Mansfield Park– Jane Austen
  • Emma– Jane Austen
  • Northanger Abbey– Jane Austen
  • Sense & Sensibility– Jane Austen
  • Persuasion- Jane Austen
  • Brideshead Revisited– Evelyn Waugh
  • Anna Karenina– Leo Tolstoy
  • Wives and Daughters– Elizabeth Gaskell
  • North and South– Elizabeth Gaskell
  • Bleak House– Charles Dickens
  • Complete Works of Flannery O’ Connor 
  • The Jeweller’s Shop“- Karol Wojtyla
  • The Brothers Karamazov– Fyodor Dostoevsky

Cooking & Health

  • Nourishing Traditions– Sallie Fallon
  • Honey, Garlic & Vinegar: Home Remedies & Recipes– Patrick Quillin
  • The Weston A. Price Foundation –


  • Mere Christianity– C. S. Lewis
  • The Priviledge of Being a Woman -Alice von Hilderbrand
  • Basic Economics– Thomas Sowell
  • The Restoration of Christian Culture -John Senior, Dr. David Allen White, Andrew Senior
  • The Art of Manliness- Brett and Kate McKay (must-read for men!) My husband loves it!
  • Boundaries in Dating-by Henry Cloud and John Townsend
  • Man’s Search for Meaning– Viktor E. Frankl
  • The Vocation of Men and Women– St. Edith Stein
  • Flee to the Fields: The Founding Fathers of the Catholic Land Movement (collection of essays) w/ intro by Hilaire Belloc
  • The History of the American People– Paul Johnson
Highly Recommended Spiritual Reading

[Note- These books are life-changing. Invest!]

  • The Hidden Power of Kindness– Lawrence G. Lovasik
  • Interior Freedom– Fr. Jacques Phillipe
  • Searching for and Maintaining Peace: A Small Treatise on Peace of Heart– Fr. Jacques Phillipe
  • Time for God– Fr. Jacques Phillipe
  • In Conversation with God (Series)- Fr. Francis Fernandez
  • Trustful Surrender to Divine Providence: The Secret of Peace and Happiness– Fr. Jean-Baptiste Sainte-Jure & Blessed Claude de la Colombiere    (You can read the pdf here!) -I’m sorry the ealier link was hacked.
  • Marriage: A Path to Sanctity– Javier Abad & Eugenio Fenoy
  • Story of a Soul: The Autobiography of St. Therese of Lisieux
Favorite Periodicals
  • Martha Stewart Living
  • Cook’s Illustrated
  • Cook’s Country
  • The Wall Street Journal

More title recommendations via my Amazon shop here.

Read any of these? Any thoughts or suggestions? Comment below!

As soon as I figure this out, I want to have a section for reviews or commentaries 🙂

* Excerpts only – probably because there are some errors in the theory/”premise” …in other words- I don’t agree with some of his viewpoints.


9 thoughts on “Reading List”

  1. I’m so glad! Actually, I did NOT like Brideshead Revisited at all! Am I the only one? Tommy and Marisa were befuddled! Maybe I ought to give the movie a shot and see if it changes my perspective at all. On the other hand, check out my Emma post- I FINALLY read it around this time last year and LOVED it! Remember how you gave that book to me for my birthday 5 years ago?

  2. Maria Ramirez said:

    So Mari I finally found your blog site after it was posted on facebook! 😀 How did you like Brideshead Revisited? I really loved that book, we have the movie at home I have yet to see it, but I am really excited about it.

  3. I highly highly recommend “Man’s Search for Meaning” by Victor Frankl — it positively changed the way I view my own identity, freedom, life choices, and over-all I basically wouldn’t be the person I am today without having read it in high school. Similar reviews come from my friends, making it a *must read.*

    Another excellent book for the un-married would be “Boundaries in Dating” by Henry Cloud and John Townsend. This book approaches the topic of healthy boundaries when building a relationship, setting up a strong foundation for healthy progress from a psychological perspective.

    For some poignant life lessons and tales of marriage and truth, check out “Anna Karenina” by Leo Tolstoy. It took 4 months to finish, but it was greatly worth it. 🙂

  4. This is such a wonderful idea! I’m so proud of you for finally finishing Emma — did you like it?! The Hidden Power of Kindness is one of my favorite books of all time. I hope you loved it! “A smile costs nothing, but gives much.”

    To add to this list, I would highly recommend “The Jeweller’s Shop” by Karol Wojtyla, and “Privilege of Being a Woman” by Alice von Hildebrand. Both excellent and quick reads!!!

  5. Beth Forget said:

    Beth Forget said…
    He he, I was about to tell you to read Alice Von HIldebrand’s book, but Ashley already has! Something to add is St. Edith Stein’s essay on The Vocation of Men and Women. It is excellent!
    Persuasion is on the top of my list 🙂 After we finish it we should talk about it! 🙂

  6. Thanks, girls!
    I’m going to try and find copies! Keep the suggestions coming, people!

  7. Hello Mariana,

    I just read Hard Times by Charles Dickens. I am very happy with it. I think it is the best work I have read from him, followed by A Tale of Two Cities.

    In addition to that, The Soul of A Lion is a great book about the life and times of D. von Hildebrand by his wife Dr. Alice Von Hildebrand.

    • Thanks, Phil! I will def. look into The Soul of a Lion. I’m very interested. And after a lighter read I will try Hard Times- ha 😉

  8. Richard Ryan said:

    +1 on ‘Man’s Search for Meaning’ — it is a “game changer” book.

    So, too, is “He Leadeth Me” by Fr. Walter Ciszek S.J.

    A couple of my other favorites:

    — “Keep It Simple” by (Bishop) Emmanuel de Gibergues
    — “Death Comes for the Archbishop” by Willa Cather
    — “Lord of the World” by (Monsignor) Robert Hugh Benson
    — “This Tremendous Lover” by Eugene Boylan
    — “The Way”, “The Furrow”, and “The Forge” by St. Josemaría Escrivá
    — “The Three Ages of the Interior Life” by Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange, O.P.

    — and — well, I better stop here.

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